03 Nov


Do you know how important you are?

Do you realise that you are the center of the Universe, perfectly balanced between the physical and the spiritual, between the mundane and the divine, between Heaven and Earth? Do you feel it in your heart, that you are precisely where you are meant to be, in this time and place, and you are taking the exactly right steps… and that you are the Master of your Vessel? Do you understand that you may decide where to go next?

Do you know how insignificant you are?

Do you realise your strengths and qualities are meaningless when faced with the raw impersonal magnitude of the Earth? Do you feel how fragile your body is, should it be confronted with an earthquake, or a body of water on the move, or a lava flow? Do you understand that you are here for only a fraction of time, no more than a speck of dust on the sandy beach of history?

Do you know… that it STILL matters what you do?

Please, my darling, feel that you are breathing, feel that your heart is beating, feel that you have thoughts and feelings and wisdom to share. Feel that there are so many people in your web of connection, to whom you are indispensable. Feel that your unicity and your unison are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary.

Know that you are a magical cauldron of contradictions and complements, a being consisting of mortal realities and undying truths.

And when the daily bustle of life distracts you, or the higher priorities of other people disturb you, or the moving motions of your energy level divert you…

…just get back into your alignment. Let your Wild Soul connect to the powers of Heaven and the support of the Earth. Feel your body rest on the ground beneath you, and your spirit softly tap in to the guidance of the unseen above you.

Your life, your thoughts and dreams, your heart matters. What you share with the world matters. What you do with your time matters.

Find your alignment, and when daily life interferes… just get back to your center. Every breath is a possibility to align again. Gift yourself that connection <3

Here I was on top of Kīlauea crater at Hawai’i Island (Big Island), early in the morning after doing ceremony. The smoke you see are clouds of vulcanic gasses coming from gaps in the earth.

Wil je regelmatig een alignment-check-in moment? Elke maandag host ik voor de Wilde Ondernemers Online Community de Monday Alignment Check In. In het gezelschap van gelijkgestemde Wilde Ondernemers besteed je aandacht aan je alignment… met je eigen Wilde Zelf, met je focus en je doelen, met datgene waarvoor je hier bent.

Lidmaatschap van de Community is (m.i.v. deze maand) €5 per maand (incl btw ). Naast de wekelijkse check in is er nog veel meer moois in deze community – allemaal gericht op leven&werken in harmonie met je Wilde Ziel en jouw zielsverbonden onderneming.

In de maand november kun je GRATIS een van de Monday Alignment Check Ins bijwonen. De eerstvolgende is morgen al:
4 november om 10:30u, via Zoom, vanaf jouw favoriete plek met wifi 

Hier geef je je op voor deze bijeenkomst: http://eepurl.com/dc0p0b
Vul je naam en e-mailadres in, dan krijg je een mailtje zodra de meeting van start gaat.

Whatever you do, darling, take a deep breath… align with your heart, align with your heaven&earth, align with your focus.

And then… make your magic!

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