11 Aug

Inviting the New in Uncertain Times

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At the moment I’m writing this, we’re in the throes of corona.

So much fear-based narrative all around us. Both in the so-called mainstream media, AND in the more hippie-dippy alternative news outlets (and I use the term lightly. Not all news writings are created equally, folks!). It’s a slow process, with many people involved, and an array of differing opinions on ‘what is going on’ and ‘what to do next’.

Our bodies respond to that, our hearts respond to that. In a way, they are supposed to: we’re naturally geared towards keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. As such, we have a very lovely warning system running in the back of our awareness at all times. Constantly on the lookout for possible danger. Quick to respond when possible danger is perceived. Swiftly flooding our bodies with hormones that help us to act.

Except in this current story, there is no way to escape. We’re in a pandemic that we cannot run away from, or fight, or freeze until it’s done.

When the body is responding to fear, all other systems are put on hold. Your metabolism slows down (so stop blaming yourself for those extra lockdown kilos). Your sleep cycle is disturbed, with fewer REM-periods (so nap more if you feel tired, you’re not getting your usual rest at night). And most notably: your ability to process information, deliberate decisions, and take informed action becomes skewered as well. After all, when there’s danger, you need to act fast (fight, run, freeze). The more you’re in the throes of fear, the less you can think straight.

So how to get back in motion?

Detach yourself from the narrative.

Look and feel within, and remember your connection to Earth.

All around us, Nature is gearing up for a new cycle of life. Underneath the soil, seeds are close to bursting. Like a pregnant womb where the growing child moves.

It’s not very visible yet. Only the most impatient trees are showing new buds of life. Here and there, new bulbs are peeking out above the snow. The keen observer has noticed, the sun rises a little earlier than it used to. We have more minutes of light in the day than last week, and the week before that, and the week before that…

The Light is returning. Life is returning. And we are called to begin anew.

We are as much a part of nature as the trees, the birds and the sunlight. Our bodies move with the same tides of energy as the planet we live on.

Tune into the energy of Nature, and rise with it.

You might have noticed that, as the days lengthen, the light is stirring within you as well. A new energy bubbling to the surface, with dreams and hopes and wishes for the coming cycle of the year.

Cast aside the narrative that holds you back, and let that energy pull you up into its whirlwind swirls.

Dance with it. Play with it. Grab a stick and make drawings in the sand, or the snow, or the dark earth where the first buds of flowers peek through.

You are here for a reason, and that reason is making itself known through all the “shouldn’t’s” and “cannot’s” every day. Especially now that we are told that we should fear, day in and day out. Now that we are told we should be wary of other people, even if they are family, even if they are tribe. Now that we are told the rules we should live by. Now that we feel the boundaries of our moving space being constricted from the outside.

I implore you,

open your eyes.
Feel your heartbeat, very much alive
Know that you are Wild and Free
and you have all the space you need to get in motion .

All you have to do is follow your enthusiasm. Follow where Joy is leading you. Follow where your Wild Soul guides you.

What is the first step you can take? There’s always at least one. And very probably more.

Write that sales letter. Publish that video. Ask that question of your audience. Plant that seed. Take that step.

What’s the first movement you can make, in the direction of your dream? Go ahead and do it. If it feels too intimidating, make it smaller. But do it.

You’ll know it by the excitement rushing through your veins. Your eyes that widen, your voice that rises, your smile that can’t be contained. You’re on the right path.

Once you are in motion, move with the waves. There will be highs and lows, and that is perfectly fine. The moon goes from brightly lit to the deepest darkness, and still her light returns. So will yours. Whenever you are taking the steps in the direction of your Soul, you can never go wrong.

So be aware of the fear you experience, and let it be just that: an experience. NOT your guiding principle. When deciding where to go, follow your Joy. Follow Love. Follow your Wild Soul.

Decide what your narrative is going to be. Follow your own path, and take the path your Wild is guiding you on.

If you’d like some assistance on finding your way, send me an email for a free get-to-know session. I’d love to help you release the narrative that’s holding you back, and cheerlead you on taking that first step. Let’s get in motion!

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All my Love on this Wild Path of the Soul,

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