11 Aug

New Life is dawning – Let yourself Dream!

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It feels like it’s hardly been winter yet, but already new life is emerging all around. Definite Imbolc energy: optimistic, full of young energy, ready and willing to show up.

The wisdom of Imbolc, however, is that there still may be winter storms ahead. Ice and snow may cover the land before the sunlight truly warms again.

The endless possibilities of this new growth are not diminished by the prospect that not all of it may survive.

There is much to be said for exploring new things, brain-heart-soulstorming new ideas, trying out expansive visions, without being attached to the outcome of them. Just for the sake of allowing your creativity space to breathe, to expand… Let your mind wander. Let your heart soar freely. Follow your feet to wherever they will take you. Go on adventures without an end goal.

Open your senses to the magic and beauty of dawning life around you. And when the storm rages over the land and through your heart, feel safe in the knowing that it is only there as a cleaning out of unneeded excess. You’ll be left with what truly matters right now, and knowing that you’re able to withstand anything life may throw in your path.

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