06 Dec

Understanding the Darkness

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Look up, darling. I know, all you see is darkness. And it will become darker still before the sun rises again. But fear not, my love. In the beginning, it is always dark. The ashes burn to a cold stillness before the phoenix can spread her wings and rise from them again. We all come forth from the dark, warm stillness before we take our first breath in this life. This deep unseen has secrets to spare for those who are willing to listen. When you close your eyes and move with the motion of your inhales and exhales, slowing to a pace that matches the natural energy of wintry stillness around you… Lean back into that flow, let the waves gently carry you, and surrender to the wild unknown that undulates beneath the surface.

Don’t be held back by fear any longer. It is our natural instinct to cower from pain; but remember it is through pain that we attained our first great victory and howled our voice into the world, when we left our mother’s womb. Fear and pain are natural parts of life, just as much as joy and trust and laughter are. The freedom you crave is yours once you accept that all movement of life around you, is yours for the creating. The Universe, the Earth, Source and all the Heavens conspire to give you exactly what you ask for. So stop being fearfully humble. Stop being so afraid of your own greatness. Take this time of misty silence to nurture the parts of your soul that crave healing. The tiny parts that whisper that ‘you don’t deserve this’, ‘you cannot do this’, ‘you’ll never get there’. The deafening voice that haunts you at night, recounting all your imagined shortcomings until your head is pounding with shame and regret.

It’s only scratches on the surface. And the wounds that go deeper, the scars on your heart you fear might never heal… My darling, it’s all there to help you become even greater than you are now. To help you understand the pain you see reflected in the eyes before you, because through this connection we heal each other, we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

And love, I ask you now… please allow yourself the gentleness you bestow upon those around you. Hold yourself with kindness. Permit yourself the same freely given love and generosity you so abundantly provide to others.Give yourself freedom to rest. To recuperate. To recover from the battles you’ve fought, the victories you’ve won, the defeat you have experienced. It’s all in the game, your Soul knows what it’s doing even if you don’t see it yet. Trust. Rest. Relax…

Because at some point, the light returns. It’s a law of nature, it’s the magic of balance, it’s the beauty of human experience. And even though it might not be clear to you, the Universe is unfolding as it should. The Light needs just as much Darkness on the other side in order to create a reborn reality. You won’t see the stars without darkness around it. Your starlight will shine all the brighter for it, if you stop resisting the lessons your darkness is trying to teach you. Because oh my love, once you allow yourself to feel, to flow, to surrender to the waves… your take-off back up into the light is unstoppable.

Don’t be afraid, you can breathe here. Gently, softly, one movement at a time. It will get darker still, before it becomes light again. Move through the fear. You have overcome such challenges before, remember? Take this time to rest yourself, allow your soul to transform into the new being it will become. Just keep breathing. Your wings are forged while you sleep,and once they are fully formed, you will be ready to wake up and fly.

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