21 May

What does it mean to be Wild?

What does it mean to be wild?

Yes, it’s the howling at the moon, feet stamping the Earth in your heartbeat rhythm, dancing freely in the rain soul-shaking madness freedom.

Yes, it’s the crying out with pleasure, body-quaking enjoyment of the physical, sensuality embodied in every inch of skin because you know it sets your creativity on fire and alights your mind with newness.

Yes, it’s the forest bathing, herb wisdom, animal power speaking to the crow who’s been following you for a mile now, cawing at you, and responding when you talk to him because you know animals have wisdom to share with those willing to be humble and listen. 

But it doesn’t have to be the barefeet kissing the grass, hair flying free in the wind, tree hugging flowing flowery dress wearing hippie boho mama queen. 

You can be just as wild in heels.

When you stand up for what you believe in, quivering with fear and reservation, letting your voice be heard anyway, in the boardroom, to your supervisor, to the principal, that is your wild soul speaking. 

When you protect your children like a mother bear, be they birthed by you or just the ones you care for most, feeling that you’ll do whatever it takes and you’re capable of things you never thought, that is your wild soul acting. 

When you crumble into a heap of seemingly nothingness and despair, when you can no longer hold in the tears, when you fear you’ll go mad with grief and just let it all out just to relieve the pressure… that is your wild soul unleashing whatever will no longer be repressed. 

Being wild means being authentically you. It means being free in who you truly are. It means living your Soul Purpose on this Earth. 

It means striving to be these things however much you can right now, and realising that you are perfect in every possible way, however flawed you or others might percieve you to be. It means moving with the dips and rises of the flow of life. It means owning your power, because you have power, and you are incredibly significant, in the vastness and greatness of this magnanimous experience called Life. 

It means breathing in, and breathing out, and allowing yourself, always, to just. be. you. 

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