11 Aug

Winter Solstice New Moon Ritual

It’s the last New Moon of 2020, right before the Winter Solstice. 

New Moon energy helps us to get in motion, to start things up, to get going… but the Winter Solstice asks for calmness and rest. 

So, here’s how to utilise this forward-moving New Moon energy, in a time where Nature is retreating into a restful state (and you might be too).

2020 has been a daunting year. So, take your time these days, and flow with the New Moon energy boost. Tie off loose ends. Empty out trash bins. Collect your sorrows and all you had to say goodbye to… and let go what no longer serves you. Let the waves of New Moon energy wash over you, and clear out any residual burden you still carry. 

Don’t think about what will fill the space that’s left behind. These energies are about letting go. Allow yourself to unburden, and rest in the quietude that follows. 

You can do this in writing, in meditation, in your nighttime dreamstate… And I encourage you to make it a physical ritual as well. 

Take a shower (not a bath), use a salt or sand scrub, or simply wash yourself completely with a rough cloth. Scrub yourself clean of everything that you do not wish to carry into the new cycle around the Sun. 

It is also a very healing exercise to do this in natural waters, especially the ocean. Bring a rough towel, take off your shoes and socks, and let the waters rush around your ankles. Imagine the surf washing away all that you may leave behind. 

If you so choose, you can also submerge yourself completely in the waves, to practice this ritual.

[Take care of yourself. If this is not something you do often: make it three minutes tops, make sure you have towels and warm clothes at the ready, and bring a friend who can keep an eye on you. If you’re at a rocky beach or somewhere with lots of debris on the ocean floor, wear water shoes so you don’t hurt your (numb) foot soles.] 

And once you’re done, and clean, and clear… breathe in the fresh air. Lather yourself with nice oils and creams. Envelope yourself with warmth and kindness, both physical and mental. Light candles, say prayers of gratitude, enjoy the sensations in your body. Take care of yourself. And rest in the knowing that the Moon will be full again. The Sun will shine brightly again. 

A new beginning is dawning.

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