Reconnect to your Wild Nature

Run your Business the Soulful Way

Feel inside your heart...

Do you hear the Call of the Wild?

Being wild means being authentically you. It means being free in who you truly are. It means living your Soul Purpose on this Earth. 

It means striving to be these things however much you can right now, and realising that you are perfect in every possible way, however flawed you or others might perceive you to be. It means moving with the dips and rises of the flow of life. It means owning your power, because you have power, and you are incredibly significant, in the vastness and greatness of this magnanimous experience called Life. 

It means embracing your connection to Nature, thriving in the exchange of energy between yourself and the natural world. It means aiding your clients, fully in tune with your Self, with the gifts you naturally hold, and your authentic spirit speaking forth.

Here's how I can help you

Connect to your inner Wild – and bring your intuition to the forefront of your entrepreneurship. 

Apply your Soul guidance in your business, every day!


Intuition-led business

Go where your Soul is guiding you. Put your intuitive knowing into practice, and help your clients in the way that suits both of you the best.
Follow your natural flow of energy.


Soulful Marketing

Connect with your ideal clients from Heart to Heart. No fearmongering, shaming or scarcity-based tactics. Market your business in a profoundly authentic and easy way.


Grounded in the Earth

Understand how your body interacts as part of the natural world. Ground yourself fully in your Wild Self, and express yourself with all that you are. Feel the support of your spiritual guides.

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Work With Me

Within the framework of The Wild Entrepreneur, you will find everything you need to embrace yourself fully, to share your offerings in a centered and abundant way, and to connect deeply to Source and your Wild, Free Self. 

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